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GILLES GEORGES ROUX was born in Saint Tropez and lived his adolescence in Lyon, until he moved to Italy where he has now lived for forty years.

He studied at the Écòle de Beaux Arts in Mâcon (France) and began at a very young age to create installations and decorations for a playground and for some schools.

The meeting with the artist performer Orlan with whom he collaborates with the sets of his shows was fundamental.

Decorator and draftsman, he has produced hundreds of works of art inspired by concepts of shapes, derived from fundamental physics, especially quantum physics and general relativity.

One of his exhibitions is "Butterflies", artworks in which the butterfly is represented in an infinite number of shapes, sizes and colors, starting from concepts of shape inspired by fundamental physics. With some of his works, last year, he participated in the multiartistic show "Butterflies", to raise awareness of violence against women with paintings and installations in space.

Another of his lines of research consists in the creation of works that show imaginary times and places, "The shape of Time", which is inspired by concepts of unconventional time, for example two times with variable speed, inversely cyclic time, thus creating landscapes and dreamlike and fairytale atmospheres in which the viewer gets lost and, getting lost, finds himself again.

In March 2022, the artist Gilles Roux participated with some of his works of “La forma del Tempo” in the “Ferro di Prua” artistic event at the Scuola Grande San Teodoro in Venice.

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